[luxuried] 7/11/2010 05:33:00 PM

spain won the world cup. life is beautiful.
so, it turns out that i will not be attending college in nyc this year
but i won't be far. 15 minutes away via an on-campus train? i'll take
it and keep my credits to transfer next year. mind you, i got accepted
into every nyc school i applied to but no, the fates smited me and made
something as meager as a 2-point-off math SAT score to keep me from
attending the affordable college of my dreams. next year i plan to
empty my family's pockets at the expense of a new york university
education as revenge. marymount manhattan is a close second.
as for now, i'm still living here. until move in day, august's
been too long.

[luxuried] foreign

i wish we had as good television as the uk does. i've been watching
this show called misfits from over there and it's honestly brilliant.
the synopsis sounds ridiculous (teenagers performing community service
get struck by lightning and attain supernatural abilities) but it's
really more meaningful than that. it's a bit graphic, which is probably
why we don't have shows like skins and misfits in america since we
can't handle teenage mischief, but it's hilarious and really
compelling. not to mention they have a pretty good looking and talented

but enough plugging since i'm not even getting rewarded for it.

- the wait is unbearable. college acceptance/rejection letters don't
come back until april. well, the big colleges, i guess. i should find
out from the state schools, cuny, and drexel soon. i'd be happy with
- i need a new ipod. and a new macbook. next year i'm selling this
piece of junk tablet our school gave us. i'm pretty sure i've wiped the
hard drive 12 times within one and a half years.
- i need to learn how to make stouffer's macaroni and beef. i also need
to write more. two completely opposite topics, i know.i'm tired. all
the time. i love sleeping but during school days i can never get it.
i'm going to start closing this laptop at nine pm. haha. that's a crock.

[luxuried] maquillage

accents are so beautiful. i honestly wish wish i had one. why couldn't
i have been born somewhere exotic like sydney or paris or rio? i'd even
be happy with a british accent, considering they're all equally

i picked up a bottle of revlon colorstay makeup today, and i'm thinking
i really like it. i mean, i'm dying to get my hands on some makeup
forever hd but i'll settle for revlon for the time being. apparently
they've come out with their own sort of hd foundation called "revlon
photoready" but from the reviews i read, it has sparkles/shimmers in it
and doesn't really last long, so i'm not too interested in getting it.
it comes with a pressed finishing powder eerily similar to mufe's loose
finishing powder, i just hope revlon's is 100% silica and not fine
milled garbage.

- i'm going to apply to a scholarship that seems to be made for me.
hopefully i get it, but i won't divulge any further.
- david henrie is gorgeous. i think i'm in love with him. somewhat.
- i can't wait to get my blackberry. i won't get it until march but
that's my birthday so it's understandable. i'm thinking the blackberry
tour, considering verizon doesn't have the tour and the new curve is
atrocious. i mean, it doesn't even have a trackball, come on.
- food network is back! god, i'm so happy.

i'm exhausted. i need to start doing yoga again. or pilates. whichever makes me proper fit.
don't mind me, i just love talking like i'm british.